Monseo wants every product to reflect something beyond its explicit image:  a secret, a deep sense of beauty, an eternal value.  Monseo aims to build up a world made of dreams and exceptional elegance, by designing jewelry for those who know how to appreciate the beauty in small details.

Combining quality, tradition and contemporary design is the motto that follows Monseo Jewels.  A brand created within a house of jewelers with more that forty years of experience.  Now a days, a team that brings together design and gemology experts, works along the aim of creating original jewelry while remaining faithfull to the traditional values of the past.

Each piece of jewelry comes from an idea, is then designed from a specific and unique gem, along with the desire of exploring color and form.  At Monseo, jewelers and designers work together to emphasize the magnetism of each gem and the beauty of precious metals.  Resulting in an unique aura. 

Here are some pieces from the Opposite Collection:


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